Decisions are often made by a small group, prioritizing business needs over user experience. Product managers propose theoretical solutions, while software engineers push back to stick with what they’re willing to commit to in a burn down. My approach changes this dynamic. By visually validating concepts during real-time prototyping sessions, everyone can see, experience, and agree on the approach before costly development. This gets the product’s features to a usable state faster, reduces negative feedback, and results in more usable solutions from the start.

Demographics and personas are just a starting point. They provide a superficial understanding of your users but fail to capture the deeper motivations that drive their behavior. To create products that truly sync with your users, you need to dig deeper and uncover the real reasons behind their actions. Without this level of understanding, you risk building solutions that miss the mark, leaving users frustrated and seeking alternatives. The key to creating products that resonate lies in going beyond surface-level data and connecting with your users’ underlying goals and aspirations.

Pain point mitigation is tricky business and involves finding and resolving the underlying issues causing user confusion, hesitancy, and abandonment. Sometimes, the problem can be found earlier in the workflow, and making adjustments there can eliminate the process that was causing the pain point in the first place. By collaborating closely with your product team and subject matter experts, we can uncover the true causes of these issues and develop solutions that ensure a smooth, natural, and intuitive user experience, allowing your team to focus on adding new features and functionality.

Builders FirstSource myBLDR Platform

Co-developed a residential construction fulfillment platform for Builder’s FirstSource, Inc., achieving a growth from $0 to $100M in weekly transactions within 1 year and 8 months.

Modular Construction

Invented and co-developed a proprietary in-house, patent-pending, self-governing, dynamic, and near-emergent modular construction floor operations, production logistics, and software operations system for MiTek Corporation.

Mezzanine Designer

Co-developed a multi-user steel mezzanine design tool for MiTek USA and MiTek UK, integrating sales staff, design engineers, and structural engineers in a staged process that simplified the user experience and enabled efficient, targeted design decisions at each phase.

Lowe’s Deck Designer

Co-developed an innovative online 3D deck designer for Lowe’s Companies, Inc. that integrated local store inventory, allowing associates and customers to create over three million custom designs annually, significantly enhancing the design experience and customer satisfaction.

Allan simplifies complex workflows into intuitive experiences and pushes the product team to new levels of innovation.

Ryan Cunningham

Senior Product Manager
Denver, Colorado

Allan bridges the gap between business vision and technical implementation, guiding developers with clear, detailed plans.

Jim Thevenot

Senior Software Engineer
Tucson, Arizona

Allan’s creative, out-of-the-box thinking was evident when we worked in the New Market Growth team. He creates great ideas from almost nothing.

Esteban A. Vidal

Senior Software Engineer
Granada, Spain

Allan’s diverse background allows him to connect with anyone at any skill level. His unique creativity and insatiable curiosity make his work top-quality.

Colin McCrone

Product Manager
San Francisco, California

Allan is an extraordinary creative talent. His vision and skill allow him to deliver break through creative work.

John Benesole

Chief Information Officer
Manakin Sabot, Virginia

If you’re in the 80% of companies that prefer to coddle their digital product teams and wait for end-users to complain ad nauseam—even threaten abandonment before making changes—then I’m not your guy.

But if you’re among the 20% who are proactive about transforming your frustrating products into deceptively simple user experiences, then I’m your secret weapon!

Because together, we’ll discover and solve your real problems, rapidly develop features and concepts in real-time, define friction-free user flows, and bridge the gap between business needs and end-user expectations by eliminating every pain point in your user’s journey.

Meaningful, efficient improvements—That’s all I’m after, and so are you.